CRM in the Department of Immigration, MoHCA

Upon request from the Department of Immigration, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs (MoHCA), a team from Prevention Division of ACC with technical support from an external risk management expert from Malaysia administered Corruption Risk Management (CRM) on Immigration Services from 21-25 May 2018.

A week long engagement with the Department involved review of strategies/processes of immigration services, CRM workshops, and sharing of the findings & recommendations to the management of Department of Immigration. The administration of CRM in the Department  facilitated identification and assessment of various potential corruption risks inherent to immigration services based on the review of existing internal control systems/practices. Numerous measures were also discussed and developed to prevent those risks. The management, Department of Immigration, is expected to further review those risks and develop a comprehensive action plan to mitigate such risks. In general, a need to enhancing efficacy of the existing internal control systems including online immigration systems were flagged out from the administration of CRM.

Spearheaded by the Director, a total of 34 immigration staffs including Regional Directors/Chiefs participated in CRM processes. Administration of CRM in the Department of Immigration was a proactive initiative of the Department to review its internal control systems and minimize corruption risk in the agency.

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