ACC Logo

 The logo is a circular depiction to showcase incessant and seamless unity, togetherness and solidarity of the Anti-corruption Commission. At core as the theme is a flaming sword of wisdom which is encased in three circles with different hues. 

The yellow outer circle is a symbol of rootedness and endurance just as the strength of the mother earth. The circle is placed with eight thunderbolt scepter or dorji and bell or drilbu crosses representing the Eight Fold Noble Path of Lord Buddha, which constantly reminds every Bhutanese that life, should be governed by principles and values. 

The drilbu is to remind people to be wary of corruption and stay away from it just as the sound of the bell drives away the evil spirits. It also epitomizes the far-reaching effect of the prevention and public education program. 

The dorji is a symbol of stability, indestructibility, incorruptibility and purity of actions that no external force and influence can upset the unwavering position of the commission. It also embodies deterrent measures of investigation just as it is used to subjugate the ethereal forces during the rituals. 

The middle circle is the wheel of law implying or associated with true nature underlying the non-conceptuality, the total openness and awareness unclouded by conceptual distinction with pure consciousness as infinite as space, without beginning, intermediate, or end: a natural law of universe. 

The white middle layer symbolizes total transparency in the business and conduct of the commission and its noble aspiration for a responsible society to act against corruption. The dark inner circle represents the realm of ignorance and greed, the cause of corruption. This is made to appear fading with the glowing blaze of the sword to imply the effect of the commission in eliminating corruption just as the light dispelling the darkness. 

The sword or reldri symbolizes the commission’s tenacious approach and conduct in fighting against corruption and its causes just as the sword is capable of subduing the enemy. The flaming sword placed diagonally in a cutting posture denotes the vigor and dauntlessness of the Anti-corruption Commission in combating corruption.