NIACS (2019-2023)

Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon affecting all countries/territories, big or small,underdeveloped or developed, varying only in degree and forms. Bhutan is no exception.Corruption undermines the country’s democratic principles, deteriorates cultural and moral values, stifles socio-economic development, misleads justice and depletes State resources. It potentially disregards rule of law leading to public distrust in State apparatus and disharmony in the community, eventually, undermining the security and sovereignty of the country.

National Integrity & Anti-Corruption Strategy

NIACS (2014-2018)

Corruption potentially undermines a country’s security and sovereignty. It also undermines public trust in the key institutions of national integrity system such as the Executive, Judiciary, Legislature, media and political parties. Media as the fourth estate has the paramount responsibility in fostering public confi dence in the governance system through unbiased and ethical reporting and in keeping the nation informed with a high standard of professionalism.

NACSF (2009-2013)

Bhutan has emerged as a peaceful, harmonious and a happy nation with Gross National Happiness (GNH) as her conscience, beacon for her overall development that places people’s voice and their well being at the core. With wise and compassionate leadership of our Monarchs, Bhutan prospered through the ages by responding to the changing needs of changing times. Today as we are on the threshold of a new era of history, we are called upon to respond to new trends to ensure that the nation will continue to survive and strengthen into the future.