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Experience Sharing on Asset Declaration and Management System with Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Mauritius.

Upon the request made by ICAC, Mauritius on collaboration with ACC, Bhutan on matters related to Asset Declaration and Management, the Asset Declaration Management Division (ADMD), ACC conducted an experience sharing session with the Declaration of Asset (DoA) Unit of ICAC, Mauritius on 14 January, 2021. 

Virtual Workshop to enrich the draft CSO Engagement Programme on Justice, Governance & Anti-Corruption

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) coordinated a two-day virtual workshop from 4 – 5 January 2021, with key stakeholders to finalize the draft Civil Society Organization (CSO) Engagement Programme on Justice, Governance & Anti-Corruption. A total of 19 participants from nine agencies participated in the virtual workshop. The workshop was facilitated by Mr.

Commemorating the 15th Foundation Day: 15 Years of the ACC working towards a Happy, Harmonious and Corruption-Free Society

Annually, December 31st is observed as the Anti-Corruption Commission’s Foundation Day as it was on this Day that His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo, by Royal Decree, appointed Dasho Neten Zangmo as the first Chairperson and established ACC as one of the key institutions to build strong foundations for the Bhutanese Democracy.


Reporting Corruption Online

Help us be more efficient and effective by providing true complaints with specific details. You could also stand as witness and informer.Your identity and liability shall be protected as per the witness protection sections under chapter 7 of the Anti-Corruption Act of Bhutan 2011. Avoid filing vindictive and malicious complaints. A complainant or informer who knowingly gives any false or misleading information with malicious intend shall be guilty of an offence and liable under section 80 of the Anti-Corruption Act of Bhutan 2011.

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Reporting Corruption

Why to report Corruption?
Every citizen is encouraged to report corruption to the ACC responsibly and in the larger national interest.Your identity will be protected with absolute confidentiality.
Download brochure here.

You can report corruption through:
Call us at: +975-2-322987; Fax: 334869; E-mail:
Or download complaint reporting form,and send it to us through fax, post or e-mail.