Royal Kasho

On the 30th Day of the 10th Month of the Wood Bird Year corresponding to 31st December 2005, His Majesty decreed that an Anti-Corruption Commission be established.

The Royal Decree states, “With the rapid pace of economic development in our country, there have been changes in the thinking of the people with the influence of self-interest leading to corrupt practices taking place in both the government and the private sector. If appropriate steps are not taken now to stop this trend, it will lead very serious problems in the future, for both the government and the people, in our country with a very small population. In this regard, it is the responsibility of every Bhutanese to act against corruption in our country. 

At a time when we are establishing parliamentary democracy in the country, it is very important to curb and root out corruption from the very beginning. Therefore, it is imperative to establish the Office of the Anti-Corruption Commission before the adoption of the Constitution and build a strong foundation for the Commission to effectively carry out its functions and responsibilities”. 

As a process towards building the strong foundation, the Anti-Corruption Commission has developed a preliminary paper that defines its mission, values that it will uphold, standards that will be the yardstick of its performance and strategies to achieve its mission.

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