General awareness

General awareness and advocacy for anti-corruption

Measures have been a constant topic of discussion in recent times, with many organizations and individuals working tirelessly to promote transparency and accountability in various sectors. It is essential to understand the damaging effects of corruption on socio-economic development, political stability, and institutional credibility.

Corruption impedes progress and often results in a lack of basic social amenities such as healthcare, education, and sanitation, leading to widespread poverty and underdevelopment. It also undermines democracy by allowing for the concentration of power and resources within a few privileged individuals or groups.

Advocacy for anti-corruption measures involves educating the public about the risks of corruption, the impact it has on their lives, and the importance of holding leaders accountable. It also entails promoting reforms that promote transparency and accountability while strengthening institutions that can hold corrupt officials to account.

Everyone has a role to play in promoting general awareness and advocacy for anti-corruption measures. Individuals can support anti-corruption organizations and avoid engaging in corrupt practices themselves. Organizations and institutions can adopt zero-tolerance policies towards corruption, establish whistleblowing mechanisms to make it easier for employees to report corrupt activities, and promote transparency and accountability in their operations.

Together, we can build a society that is free from corruption, one that fosters sustainable development and upholds the rule of law. Let us all participate in promoting general awareness and advocacy for anti-corruption measures, for the sake of our collective future.

Advocacy and awareness has been conducted in length and stretches of the country. The team (former and present) has covered all the gewogs of the country. Awareness are conducted based on 7 different areas including the International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD). These areas are

  • Ministries/ Agencies
  • Gewogs/LG
  • Tertiary 
  • Schools
  • Corporations/private 
  • CSOs/ Medias/spiritual/Institutions