Celebrating International Anti-Corruption Day 2021

Bhutan joins the international community to observe the International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) on 9 December. On the theme “Your right, your role: Say no to corruption”, the Day was commemorated in the ACC office. The Hon’ble Chief Election Commissioner of the Election Commission of Bhutan, Hon’ble Chairperson and Commissioner of the Royal Civil Service Commission, Hon’ble Auditor General of the Royal Audit Authority, Hon’ble Attorney General of the Office of the Attorney General, and Executive Director of the Bhutan Transparency Initiative joined the Chairperson and Commissioners of the ACC to highlight the importance of the Day. Other guests include Professor Robert Klitgaard and representative from Jigme Singye Wangchuck School of Law. 

As the main program of the Day, the RCSC and ACC launched the e-Learning course on Ethics and Integrity for Civil Servants geared towards enhancing ethical culture in the public service. Together with this, the BTI and ACC launched Training manual on Community Score Card towards enhancing responsibility, accountability and ownership of developmental programs and activities at the local level. The Hon’ble guests also signed the pledge book rededicating their commitment and solidarity in promoting anti-corruption agenda.

Towards the evening, a small in-house program for the ACC officials is being organized to commemorate the Day. The IACD provides an opportunity for every individual to reflect and rededicate ourselves in building a happy, harmonious and corruption free society.

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