Launch of CIMS+

On 27 June 2024, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) launched the enhanced Complaints and Management System Plus (CIMS+) in a modest event. This system, designed to facilitate efficient and transparent data sharing, was launched in the presence of Head of The PEMA, Hon’ble Chief Justice of the High Court, Chief Judge of the Thimphu District Court, Registrar General of the Supreme Court, Officiating Chief of Police of the Royal Bhutan Police, Director General of the Bhutan National Legal Institute, Chief Administrator of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre, Officiating Attorney General of the Office of the Attorney General, and members of the Justice Sector Working Committee. During the event, the developer of CIMS+ shared insights into the system’s development process in collaboration with the ACC. Together with this, the Intella Investigator and renewed Interview Rooms were also inaugurated.

Additionally, a brief presentation on the Justice Sector Strategic Plan 2024-2029 Phase II was delivered, highlighting key priorities outlined in the 13 th Five Year Plan aimed at driving the principles of justice, integrity, and rule of law in the socio-economic development.

The launch of these systems marks a significant milestone in improving investigative processes and fostering collaboration across various justice institutions, ultimately aiming to enhance the justice sector’s efficiency, effectiveness, accessibility, inclusivity, transparency, and accountability measures.