Vacancy Announcement for various position

The Anti-Corruption Commission is pleased to announce vacancies for in-service civil servants on lateral transfer: for details 

To build an informed and awakened citizenry, awareness and education programs are undertaken at various levels targeting different audiences by regularly interacting and conducting thematic sessions for a diverse group of audiences including public institutions and agencies, CSOs, Media and Private. To reinforce public awareness on corruption issues, the ACC also coordinates the commemoration of International Anti-Corruption Day (annually on 9th December) in joining the international community to raise awareness on corruption.

In pursuit of generating honest generations, the ACC has developed a Strategic Youth Integrity Program(YIP) to cater to the entire youth of Bhutan including out-of-school youth. YIP seeks to establish a strong foundation of integrity, beginning at the formative age by strengthening integrity education in various avenues through the development of curriculum, related education material, and training of facilitators. Further, it aims to educate and instill values (Ethics, Integrity and Professionalism) in youth as anti-corruption advocates through wide-ranging activities (Integrity Clubs in schools, DAMTSI Activity Book for ECCD, among others) and capitalize on their potential, creativity and innovative ideas to promote integrity and good governance.

“To strengthen ethics and integrity culture in the society through e-learning platforms”.

e-Learning is one of the platforms towards enhancing the integrity consciousness of public officials. The course was upgraded to optimize the use of technology in enhancing ethical culture in the public service thereby building a sustained avenue through which values of integrity can be promoted. It is aimed to strengthen and timely sensitize on ethics, integrity and professionalism culture at workplace and beyond.

Courses for Civil Servants, Corporate Employees, Parliamentarians and Judges/Justices have been developed, and are being rolled out in collaboration with relevant agencies by incorporating and aligning it with the existing rules and programs.

Registration for Civil Servants (link)

Registration for Parliamentarians (link)

Supplementing the awareness programs, the ACC continues to develop IEC materials that are supported by analysis to deal with corruption issues and anti-corruption measures. Numerous IEC materials have been developed covering various aspects such as on corruption offences, integrity promotion tools, complaints management, TV programs in the form of lozey, tsangmo, and rap song and debate.  (link in youtube)

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