Presentation on the findings of the National Integrity Assessment 2019 to the Members of the Parliament

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) led by the Chairperson and two Commissioners, presented its National Integrity Assessment (NIA) 2019 to the National Assembly and National Council on 14 and 15 April 2021 respectively. 

The presentation to the National Assembly was attended by the Hon’ble Speaker, Opposition Leader, Hon’ble Members and Secretary General and staff of the NA. Whereas, the presentation to the National Council was attended by the Hon’ble Members of the Good Governance Committee (GGC), few other Hon’ble members, Secretary General and staff of NC. Besides informing on the status of national integrity score i.e. 7.97 out of 10 and its findings, the presentation also highlighted on the remedial measures to enhance the level of national integrity.

The NIA in general, is an assessment of whether, in an agency, a public official follows standard procedures in providing services in a fair, transparent, and accountable manner or is based on personal propensity towards a special condition or inducement. The NIA 2019 is the fourth of its kind and has undergone enhancement to fit with the changing situation and meet the demand of the service users. As a result, the new component of Ethical Leadership was included in the assessment of Internal Integrity. The next NIA is tentatively scheduled to be conducted in 2022. 

For details on NIA 2019, please click on the link 

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