Meet the Media: Promoting effective partnership with media

The Anti-Corruption Commission conducted a half day “Meet the Media” on 5 February 2021 with the representatives from the media firms. The objective of organizing the forum was to connect and communicate with media fraternity towards garnering their support to create informed citizenry on corruption issues and anti-corruption measures.

During the forum, the ACC sensitized its Media and Communication Policy & Guidelines adopted in the last quarter of 2020 and also reported on the 2020 Corruption Perceptions Index released by the Transparency International on 28th January 2021. It was then followed by a Question-Answer session giving opportunity to the attendees to seek clarification as well as information.

Having adopted a policy and guidelines, the ACC will institutionalize regular programs with media such as conferences, briefings, sensitization and meetings to sustain the collaboration. Such conferences will be a regular feature of the ACC with media hereafter.

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