Selection Results for the post of Receptionist

As per the selection interview conducted on November 27, 2018, the Anti-Corruption Commission is pleased to announce the selection results for the post of Receptionist as follows:

SNNameEID No.TotalRemarks
1Karma Yuden2011040198066.30Selected
2Sonam Lham20081200664.90Standby
3Choki Dorji20130802347NAAbsent

In the event the selected candidate withdraws his/her candidature, the post will be offered to the standby candidate in order of merit of the selection result subject to the fulfillment of criteria.
Any complaints related to the selection may be lodged to the Commission within 10 working days from the date of declaration of results.
For further information/clarification, please contact HR Officer, ACC at telephone no. 334863/66/69 Ext. No. 125 during the office hours.
Lastly, ACC would like to express our appreciation and thank all the candidates who participated in the selection interview.

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