Workshop on Strategic rethink of the ACC by Professor Robert Klitgaard

Upon the request of the ACC, on 24 September 2021, Professor Robert Klitgaard conducted a half-day session on โ€œStrategic rethink of the ACCโ€.ย 

The session, which was attended by the management team and officials from different age group cohorts of the ACC, primarily focused on brainstorming ideas and identifying key actions to operationalize the ideas.

Professor Robert Klitgaard is a renowned anti-corruption expert. He is popularly known for coining the definition of Corruption as โ€˜Monopoly + Discretion โ€“ Accountabilityโ€™. He has rich experience in advising leaders and institutions in promoting good governance and change management. He has also published numerous books on corruption, development and economics, among others.

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