Workshop on Financial Investigation and links to Money Laundering

A total of 32 individuals with the representatives from the Royal Court of Justice, the Royal Bhutan Police, the Royal Audit Authority, the Office of the Attorney General, the Financial Intelligence Department and the Anti-Corruption Commission is attending the 3 day workshop on Financial Investigation and links to Money Laundering conducted by the UNODC in coordination with the Anti-Corruption Commission from 13th -15th June 2018 at City Hotel. The workshop is conducted by Ms. Miroslava Milenovic, Certified Fraud Examiner and Forensic Examiner facilitated by Ms. Zorana Markovic, Regional Advisor for the South East Asia and the Pacific, UNODC, based in Thailand.

This workshop is designed to provide specialized skills and tools to investigators, prosecutors and judges who are handling complex corruption cases that involve financial transactions. The event aims to enhance the skills for more effective use of financial documents and identification of suspicious transactions, search and gathering of proper evidence and links to money- laundering. It will further be a platform to discuss the ways to enhance the inter-agency cooperation given the current criminal justice system and to identify needs for further reforms and improvements. Most notably, this event would allow for practical skills to be acquired through cases and group exercises.

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