Two more companies signed the Corporate Integrity Pledge

Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP) is a commitment by the companies to uphold principles of ethics and integrity to promote a fair and clean business environment in the conduct of its business.
On 29 June 2022, two business entities viz. Zoom Out Productions and Trashi Yangtse Tongjang Construction signed the CIP. We now have 18 companies (15 DHI Portfolio and Listed Companies and 3 Private Companies) who have formalized their commitment in promoting ethical business in the country.

The event was conducted in a hybrid mode and witnessed by the Commission in Thimphu, the Legal Officer in Trashi Yangtse and ACC officials in Trashigang. With the signing of the CIP, the two business entities would be assisted in assessing the strength of their integrity infrastructure using the Self Evaluation Tool (SET), based on which integrity systems like the Business Code of Conduct would be instituted for implementation. An assessment would be conducted after a year.

Speaking at the occasion, the representatives from the two business entities expressed that the pledge would act as constant reminder for them to abstain from corrupt acts in the conduct of their business even when they are tempted to take a “short-cut”. Similarly, the representatives were reminded on practical aspects such as “refuse to pay bribe to accountants, whether small or big amount, for processing the bills faster”, “refuse to pay a cut to engineers to manipulate a BoQ for works not done” and “refuse to issue fake bills and negotiate on rates with the procurement people for goods not supplied”.

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