Training of Trainers on the DAMTSI Handbook for Scouts

The Anti-Corruption Commission conducted a Training of Trainers session on DAMTSI Handbook to the participants attending Basic Unit Leaders’ Training. This session was conducted in three batches from 27 to 28 February 2024, involving over 300 educators from Sarpang, Haa, Paro, and Samtse Dzongkhags. 

Besides the presentations on the content of the Handbook, the participants were engaged in practical activities, emphasizing the crucial role of educators in instilling values of integrity, accountability, and transparency in students from a young age and ultimately contributing to a more ethical and responsible society.

As these educators return to their respective schools, the initiative is expected to create a positive impact, extending far beyond the training sessions, towards Developing Accountable, Moral, Trustworthy, and Successful Individuals.