Suspension Order

In exercise of power conferred under Β§ 24 (1) (g) of the Anti-Corruption Act of  Bhutan (ACAB) 2011, the Anti-Corruption Commission (the Commission)  hereby suspends the following business operations or activities with immediate  effect, after finding prima facie cases of corruption. 

  1. Name of business entity :Β M/S Gopal Tshongkhang ,
    1. License No. : MT3004519
    2. Address : Khowshing, Dagana 
      Note: The said license was canceled on August 4, 2021 
  2. Name of business entity :Β M/S Powdel Tshongkhang,
    1. License No. : MT3007096,
    2. Type of activity : General Trading,
    3. Address : Khagochen, Dagana 
  3. Name of business entity :Β M/S Ajay Enterprise,
    1. License No. : R2000418,
    2. Type of activity : Pan,
    3. Address : Lower Market, Phuentsholing 
  4. Name of business entity :Β M/S Sonam Dolma Enterprise,
    1. License No. : R2000171,
    2. Type of activity : General 
    3. Address : Phuensum Lam, Lower Market,  Phuentsholing 
  5. Name of business entity :Β M/S Elite Enterprise
    1. License No. : R1005919 
    2. Type of activity : Retail of computers & software  
    3. Address : Thim-throm

      Consequently these individuals or business entities are prohibited from  conducting/entering into any business directly or indirectly using the licenses  hereinafter suspended till pending the outcome of the case. However, they  may be allowed to clear the existing stocks within one month from the  date of issuance of this order.  
      Non-compliance to the Commission’s lawful demand constitutes an offence  under Β§ 113 (1) (c) of the ACAB 2011. Issued under the seal and signature of the Commission on 28th Day of March  of the Year 2022.

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