Session on Anti-Corruption Initiatives to the Head of Agencies

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) conducted a half-day sessions for the Head of Agencies on the theme โ€˜sharing insights on mainstreaming anti-corruption efforts within the public institutionsโ€™ from 13-14 June 2024.ย 

The session attended by 97 Head of Agencies and senior officials from 81 agencies across Ministries, Autonomous Agencies, Corporations, Financial Institutions, Civil Society Organizations, and Media emphasized on some of the key topics such as Strategic Anti- Corruption milestones, National Integrity Assessment 2022, Asset Declaration, Gift Rules, Model Public Service Code of Conduct, Integrity Vetting System, and Organizational Integrity Plan.ย 

This session underscored the critical importance of fostering a culture of integrity and accountability within public institutions, laying a robust, effective, and sustainable anti-corruption practices across all sectors in realising the national aspirations of becoming a โ€˜Developed Bhutanโ€™.