Sensitization on Asset Declaration and Management System

The Asset Declaration Management Division (ADMD), ACC conducted sensitization session on the Asset Declaration and Management System to a total of 12 agencies in the month of November as follows:

1Bhutan Broadcasting Service4 November, 201934
2Natural Resource Development Corporation Limited4 November, 201921
3Bank of Bhutan Limited 5 November, 201935
4Kuensel Corporation Limited6 November, 201948
5Bhutan National Bank Limited8 November, 2019144
6Bhutan Telecom Limited 12 November, 201969
7T-Bank 13 November, 201982
8State Trading Corporation of Bhutan Limited14 November, 201940
9Druk Wang Alloys Limited15 November, 201917
10Bhutan Board Products Limited15 November, 201926
11Material Management Division, DGPC15 November, 201931
12Chhukha Hydro Power Plant16 November, 201916

A total of 563 participants including 5 CEOs (BoBL, BNBL, Kuensel Corporation Ltd, Bhutan Telecom Ltd & STCBL) attended the sensitization session.

 The sensitization session was aimed at improving compliance to Asset declaration and enhancing the quality of declaration filed by the covered persons. 
The three hour session highlighted some important components in the Asset Declaration Rules 2017 and the online Asset Declaration system with a special focus on the common errors made by the covered persons in general when they file their Asset Declarations. 
The session also provided an opportunity for the covered persons to clarify doubts and share their feedback on the asset declaration system. 

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