10th Regional Conference on ‘preventing & combating corruption in infrastructure projects in Asia-Pacific’

A three-member delegation, led by the Director of Department of Prevention and Education, from the Anti-Corruption Commission is currently attending the 10th Regional Conference of the ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia and the Pacific from 3 – 6 December 2019 at Hanoi, Vietnam. More than 100 delegates from 31 member countries and territories from the region including leaders, development partners and practitioners are attending the conference.

During the conference, in line with the theme on ‘preventing & combating corruption in infrastructure projects in Asia-Pacific’, the ACC presented the findings of the research ‘towards enhanced transparency, accountability and efficiency in public roads construction’ on 4 December 2019. 

The 10th Regional Conference, hosted by the Government of Vietnam in partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), aims to discuss issues related to corruption in infrastructure projects. With rapid advancement in socio-economic growth, countries in the Asia-Pacific region are investing heavily in public infrastructure. These projects include roads, railways, mass transportation systems, marine ports, airports, health care and education infrastructure, water supply systems, and waste treatment facilities. Since the complexity and investment in such projects are huge, it leaves these projects highly susceptible to corruption risks, as demonstrated by a multitude of cases around the world and in the region. As a result, the need for managing corruption risks in large infrastructure projects and developing holistic measures for fighting corruption in the infrastructure sector is a priority.

The conference will also host following meetings:

  • Inaugural of ‘Business Integrity Meeting (BI)’, which will explore corruption risks in infrastructure projects, along with the anti-bribery compliance climate in the region. This Business Integrity Meeting is co-organised with UNDP, and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
  • Third meeting of the ‘Public Integrity Network (PIN)’, which will explore solutions to curb undue influence, strengthen risk management and improve corruption prevention. PIN meeting is organised in partnership with the OECD Korea Policy Center, and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
  • 23rd Steering Group Meeting of the Initiative to adopt work programme for the 2018-2020.

The results of above meetings will be presented by regional leaders in the High Level Segment on the last day of the conference. 

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