Interactive session with Rabdey Drungchhens and Tse Drungs

A team from ACC led by the Commissioner interacted with 42 Rabdey Drungchhens and Tse Drungs at Namgay Heritage, Thimphu on 17 July 2017. 
The three days annual conference aimed at sensitizing participants on financial rules and regulations, procurement procedures and government property management was organized by the Dratshang Lhentshog.

Since the Rabdey Drungchens are key figures to liaise between Dratshang Lhentshog and the respective Rabdeys with matters related to budget, accounts and procurement, ACC team sensitized on anti-corruption programs and tools such as Asset Declaration Rules, Gift Rules and Conflicts of Interest (CoI) Guideline besides complaints management procedures and three pronged strategies of Investigation, Prevention and Education.
During the session, Hon’ble Commissioner reminded the participants to support ACC’s drive in various capacities to combat corruption in the country.
Through such sessions ACC expect to develop sense of intolerance and resistance to corruption, and improve the quality of complaints with enhanced civic responsibilities.

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