Foresight Workshop: Identifying alternative futures on Anti-Corruption in Bhutan

The Anti-Corruption Commission in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is currently organizing a Strategic Foresight Workshop on developing anti-corruption in Bhutan from 22-26 April, 2019. The workshop is being facilitated by Mr. Arndt Christoffer Husar, an expert/ practitioner on Strategic Foresight, Innovative, and Partnership.

This forward-looking exercise is expected to ensure development and adoption of relevant and responsive policies/strategies/interventions to prevent and fight corruption in the country as per the identified and anticipated trends, risks and opportunities. Effective and sustainable anti-corruption initiative mapped collectively, involving various stakeholders, will be used to validate and enrich the draft National Integrity and Anti-Corruption Strategy (NIACS) 2019-2023.
About 70 officials from the Judiciary, Ministries, Constitutional Offices, Autonomous Agencies, Local Government, Corporations, Civil Society Organizations, Media, Private sector are participating in two-day ‘Scenario Building Workshop’ which started today on 22 April, 2019 at Tashi Namgay Resort, Paro. This is the first part of the week-long workshop on Foresight.

In the two-day workshop, the participants are expected to deliberate, analyze and conceive possible future anti-corruption scenarios by analyzing political, economic, societal, technological, legislative and environmental development trends, risks and opportunities. The output of the workshop will be presented for validation to the senior executives during the ‘High Level Validation Workshop’ on 26 April, 2019 at Thimphu.

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