Enumerators and Supervisors trained for National Integrity Assessment, 2016

A week long training on National Integrity Assessment (NIA), 2016 was held from 19th to 23rd December, 2016 at the Conference Hall of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). A total of 48 university graduates recruited as enumerators  and 18 Dzongkhag Statistical Officers as supervisors were trained. The training was undertaken to develop and build basic interview techniques and skills, ensure common understanding and interpretation of the questionnaire and introduce the enumerators to Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI) using tablet in collecting field data. The team from National Statistics Bureau (NSB) and ACC facilitated the training.

The use of CAPI is the first of its kind that ACC, in collaboration with NSB, initiated. The use of tablet allows for collecting field data and validate the data collection, ensure quality, efficiency and resource saving in terms of minimizing the use of papers.  This is the third NIA that ACC and NSB had initiated. The first NIA was conducted in 2009 and second in 2012.

The supervisors and enumerators have now begun field data collection with effect from 26th December 2016 with the central agencies. The field survey is expected to be completed by  20th January 2017.

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