CRM and IDT in Samtse Dzongkhag Administration and Gelephu Thromde

As a part of commemorating the 13th International Anti-Corruption Day, ACC conducted CRM and IDT in Samtse Dzongkhag Administration and Gelephu Thromde on 29-30 November and 12-13 December respectively. Based on the vulnerability and its complex nature, CRM was conducted on Procurement and Construction service. A total of 144 Dzongkhag and Thromde officials participated in the workshop.

Corruption Risk Management (CRM) and Integrity Diagnostic Test (IDT) are tools which help agencies identify corruption risks and manage it timely, and also proactively bring systemic interventions in their internal governance systems. There is no denying of the fact that agencies, irrespective of their nature and size, are all exposed to corruption risks. These risks if not managed timely, can lead to corruption, causing huge financial loss and deterioration of public trust and confidence in the institutions. Thus, it is important that agencies be aware of such risks and work on mitigating the threats appropriately.

For this year alone, ACC conducted CRM in 17 agencies (local government) and IDT in 34 agencies including ministries and autonomous agencies. ACC will monitor the implementation progress of the CRM and IDT Action Plan adopted by the agencies.

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