Companies pledged to promote ethical businesses

14 Companies from the DHI portfolios and Listed Companies have signed the Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP) to formalize its commitment to promote ethical businesses in the country on 22 December, 2017 at Ariya Hotel, Thimphu.The Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors from these companies signed CIP in witness of the Chairperson of the Anti-Corruption Commission.The ceremony was attended by more than 40 officials from the above 14 Companies, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media fraternities.A panel discussion alongside the signing ceremony was also organized to inform the general citizen and business entities in particular about the initiative and its effort to collectively embrace a fairer and level playing field for healthy competition.
The Corporate Integrity Pledge (CIP) is a commitment by the Companies to operate according to high standards of corporate integrity, thus ensuring that all the companies carry out their duties responsibly.
Following companies signed the pledge:

Druk Green Power Corporation Ltd.;Druk Holding and Investments Ltd.;State Trading Corporation of Bhutan Ltd.;Bhutan National Bank Ltd.;Bank of Bhutan Ltd.;Druk PNBL;Natural Resources Development Corporation Ltd.;Dungsam Polymers Ltd.;GIC-Bhutan Reinsurance Co. Ltd.;Wood Craft Center Ltd.;Bhutan Board Products Ltd.;Bhutan Telecom Ltd.;State Mining Corporation Ltd.;Drukair Corporation Ltd.
Hence, the signed CIP will be published inΒ the ACC website and Business Integrity Portal ( for greater awareness.

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