Commemoration of the National Anti-Corruption Day: A Tribute to His Majesty The King

The commemoration of the first National Anti-Corruption Day (NACD) on 21 February 2024, coinciding with the 44th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty The King, was a momentous occasion marked by a modest ceremony attended by officials from key institutions such as the Royal Audit Authority (RAA), Office of the Attorney General (OAG), Bhutan Transparency Initiative (BTI), and the media fraternity. The event with the theme โ€œIntegrity for Progress and Prosperityโ€ aimed to celebrate the essence of integrity and underscore the collective commitment in combating corruption. 

The Honโ€™ble Chairperson of the ACC expressed deep gratitude to the attendees, emphasizing the significance of the NACD agenda initiated since 5 February 2024 coinciding with the Birth Anniversary of His Royal Highness The Gyalsey. During the ceremony, the officiating Auditor General from RAA highlighted the collective responsibility in the fight against corruption. The significance of the day was also underscored by the officiating Attorney General from the OAG, who reaffirmed the commitment to prevent corruption, calling for unity against corruption. The Executive Director of BTI added urgency to the collective efforts, pointing out the stagnant score and rank of Bhutan in the Transparency Internationalโ€™s Corruption Perceptions Index and making a compelling call for comprehensive action to address corruption. The event ended with the Acting Director of the ACC highlighting the importance of collectively channeling the momentum, energy, and insights gained today into our daily actions, embracing transparency, accountability, and integrity to foster a society that values progress and prosperity.

This commemoration stands as a testament to the commitment to integrity and the shared responsibility in the ongoing battle against corruption. On this auspicious occasion, the ACC family expresses profound respects, tribute, and gratitude for the extraordinary legacies of the Enlightened Leaders, emphasizing their resolute stance against corruption, which continues to inspire the path towards a society infused with integrity.