Bhutan Civil Society Organizations Accountability Standards 2023

The Bhutan Civil Society Organizations Accountability Standards (BCAS) 2023 was developed as a part of the CSO Engagement Programme led by the Bhutan Transparency Initiative in collaboration with the Civil Society Organizations Authority (CSOA) and Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). The standards were adopted during the consultative workshop on “Enhancement of Internal Governance Mechanisms for CSOs in Bhutan” held in June 2022.

The BCAS includes the relevant legislations enforced in the country, some of the globally practiced accountability standards and the Organizational Integrity Plan (OIP). Some of the corruption prevention tools included in the standards are Integrity Vetting, Conflict of Interest Management, Model Public Service Code of Conduct, Gift Rules and Asset Declaration.
Henceforth, the CSOs will implement the standards in place of the OIP. The CSOA will supervise the implementation and submit a copy of the assessment report to the ACC annually.

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