Thematic Session with the Bench Clerks

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in collaboration with the Institute of Science of Mind (ISM), conducted a three-day thematic session with the Bench Clerks of Dungkhag courts, Dzongkhag courts, High court & Supreme Court.ย  The session themedย โ€˜โ€™Ethics & Integrity in the Justice Service:ย Enhancing Trustย โ€™โ€™ย was conducted on the request from Royal Court of Justice.
The presentations included spiritual discourse on Ethics & Integrity, Ethics & Integrity in the Justice Service, Corruption offences, prevention tools, National Integrity and Anti-Corruption Strategy, 12thย FYP, case studies and ethical dilemmas among others.
A total of 54 Bench Clerks attended the training on 2nd, 3rdย and 5thย of July, 2019, in Thimphu.

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