Revamping CRM Tool: Towards enhanced risk based systemic interventions

Risk Management is a hallmark for developing an effective anti-corruption or integrity compliance program for any institution. Corruption Risk Management (CRM) is one of the most pursued anti-corruption tools of ACC used for minimizing corruption opportunities in institutions through identification of corruption risks or red flags and strengthening its internal control systems.

Considering practical challenges and issues in the implementation of current CRM, ACC is currently revamping the CRM methodology, aligning with international standards-ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management Principles and COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework.

As a part of revamp process, ACC piloted the revamped CRM in the Department of Forests and Parks Services (DoFPS), Ministry of Agriculture & Forests. The pilot program was intended to build ACC’s capacity on implementing CRM and also to contextualize the tool based on local needs and scenarios. A week long pilot program will be completed on 18th May 2018 with the sharing of CRM findings to the Management of DoFPS, MoAF.

Mr. Teh Chau Chin, a risk management expert from Malaysia has been hired to provide technical assistance to revamp and pilot-run the tool.

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