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The Anti-Corruption Commission would like to remind the agencies that the Annual Asset Declaration for the Calendar Year 2016 will commence from February 01, 2017. Therefore, all covered persons prescribed under Annexure I and II of the AD Rules 2012 are required to file their declarations with the respective agencies within the prescribed period, 1st February to 31stMarch, 2017.

Further, the ACC would like to inform that during the verification of declarations for the year 2015,ACC observed that many declarants had provided inconsistent and incorrect information in their declarations which has resulted in indicating Disproportionate Assets (DA) against those declarants and creating unnecessary administrative burden. 

To minimize such unnecessary administrative burden, the ACC would like to request the agencies and covered persons to note the following requirements for filing the2016 Asset Declaration:

  • Agency to notify the Annual Asset Declaration for 2016.
  • Prior to declaring for the Calendar Year 2016, all declarants to check if their previous year declarations (2015) has been verified and accepted.
  • Asset Declaration Administrators (ADAs) to check the declaration such as the annual income, annual expenditure such as rental, liabilities and loan repayment, utilities, current market value of shares and stock (Check from at the time of the declaration.

ADAs shall return the declaration and inform the concerned immediately for correction and resubmission.

  • Declarants to check if their declarations for 2016 has been “verified and accepted” a week after filing the declaration.

Further, kindly note that:

  • A covered person who has vacated his/her office or assumed a new office shall declare by selecting the reason for declaration as “vacation of office” or “assumption of office” if it falls within the Annual Declaration period.
  • A Covered person who was on EOL in the year 2016 shall not be required to file his/her declaration for the year.

Finally, all the ADAs are required to submit a report to the ACC on the ADs of their respective agencies irrespective of whether there is no late/non declarants or DA.

The ACC would like to avail the opportunity to thank you for your cooperation and support and look forward to the same in the future.

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