Reconnecting with the Central Bureau of Investigation, India

A two high level delegation from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), India led by the Director, Shri Alok K Verma, is in the country for a four day visit from 16-20 April, 2018. This is the second delegation from the CBI to Bhutan while the ACC has visited CBI and its academy at Ghaziabad on various occasions in the past since its inception.  

The CBI is one of the critical agencies in the region who has significantly contributed in enhancing investigative capacity of the ACC in its foundational years. In view of the past experiences, the invitation was extended to reconnect with the CBI. The visit is aimed to revive the professional relations and build platform for sustainable cooperation in future between the two agencies. 

The visit is a good opportunity to commemorate the Bhutan-India friendship and the Golden Jubilee of formal diplomatic relations. 

While in the country, the delegates will interact with the officials of the ACC to share its experiences, effective techniques, specialized tools, and best practices in fighting corruption. Further, the delegates will Call-on to the Hon’ble Prime Minister and the Chief Justice of Bhutan.

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