Public Notification

The Anti-Corruption Commission of Bhutan, in exercise of section 40 and 171 of the Anti-Corruption Act of Bhutan; and in line with the notification no. MoF/DRC/Fiscal Measures-COVID-19/2022/27 dated 6th July 2022 and subsequent letter no. MoF/DNP/PMDD-13/2022-23/035, dated 11th July 2022 of the Ministry of Finance, hereby inserts following new sections in the Debarment Rules 2019 to implement the Fiscal Measures Phase IV.

27A. Notwithstanding sections 26 and 27 above, the Secretariat shall, upon intimation by a procuring agency, debar a bidder failing to comply with terms and condition of the Bid Security Declaration for one year by forgoing the procedures established under sections 28 to 55 of this Rule. 

27B. The authority provided under section 27A shall continue to have an effect so long the implementation of fiscal measures continues. Refer the attached below for more details.

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