Interactive Session with the Technical Graduate of 2017 batches

Upon invitation from the Royal Institute of Management (RIM), a team comprising of three members led by the Director from the Department of Prevention and Education (DoPE) conducted an interactive session on Anti-Corruption – Ethics and Integrity during the orientation program on January 5, 2018. A total of 170 Technical Graduates attended the three-day program (3 – 5 January 2018) organized by the RIM to orient, familiarize and facilitate the participants on the prerequisite understanding of Civil Service Role.

During the session, graduates were reminded to uphold ethics and integrity at all times and not get enticed with all sorts of temptation which might lead to grave consequences. The participants were made aware on case studies pertaining to construction sector and case related to misuse of privilege information, and further highlighted the importance of individual’s role in preventing the corrupt practices in the society. Participants were also informed on some of the recent initiatives taken by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the importance of collective effort in the fight against corruption.
The participants expressed their appreciation to ACC’s efforts and acknowledged such session would be of immense help to develop the sense of intolerance and resistance to corruption particularly for young and fresh graduates joining the civil service.

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