Interaction with University Graduates at the NGOP 2016

Three teams led by the Honโ€™ble Chief Justice from Judiciary, Chairperson from Anti-Corruption Commission and Deputy Auditor Generals from Royal Audit Authority interacted with 2229 University Graduates during the National Graduates Orientation Program (NGOP) 2016 on 13 August, 2016 at Royal Institute of Management, Thimphu.

The 15th NGOP themed โ€œTowards Building Responsible Citizens and Leadersโ€ is being organized by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources from 13-20 August, 2016.

ACC Chairperson informed the graduates about their natural responsibility and the efforts required in combating corruption in the country. The graduates were familiarized on constitutional mandates, anti-corruption policies and challenges in building a happy, harmonious and corruption free society. Chairperson also shared how the values and attitudes of young people today will shape the values of the society tomorrow and urged graduates to be a change agent and create a new culture against corruption by upholding the values.

The session ended with the following quote from His Majestyโ€™s address โ€œWhat we need is not a Leader to lead the Masses โ€“ we need Leadership of the Self.โ€

The Chairperson was accompanied by two Commissioners, Director and a staff from Department of Prevention and Education.

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