Interaction with RBP in in the Annual Conference of the Superintendent of Police

The Chairperson accompanied by Commissioner Jamtsho and three Officers interacted with the 33 Police Officers at the Annual Conference of the Superintendent of Police at Chuniding Resort in Serbithang on 2 December 2016. The session was aimed at enhancing coordination and collaboration between the RBP and the ACC for better quality service delivery and effective fight against corruption.

The Chairperson in her opening remark acknowledged the RBP for their continuous support to ACC and also emphasized on the need to further collaborate with each other in terms of capacity building and sharing of expertise.

The session provided opportunity for the participants to clarify on issues relating to corruption investigation and prevention aspects.  

The interactive session was followed by the administration of Integrity Diagnostic Test (IDT) for the participants. It was administered towards fulfilling the Annual Performance Agreement of the RBP.

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