Cultivating Ethics and Integrity in Human Resources Management

Upon the invitation from the Royal Civil Service Commission, a two member team led by Commissioner Kezang Jamtsho interacted with 16 PGDPA (Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration) graduates on 13th January 2015 at the Royal Institute of Management. These graduates are appointed as Assistant Human Resource Officers (HRO) in various agencies and Dzongkhag.

The Commissioner in his presentation highlighted on the fundamental principles of Ethics and Integrity, corruption & anti-fraud model and integrity triangle emphasizing on the importance of roles of HROs in promoting integrity at individual and organizational level. The Commissioner also highlighted on the critical role that HROs can play in an organization in promoting and managing ethics, transparency, accountability, code of conduct and due diligence. Besides this, the participant were also informed on the integrity promotion tools like conflict of interests, setting up clear service standards and criteria during recruitment, training and promotion. These were presented through some case studies related to human resource practices.

The Commissioner further restated that the HROs are the heart and soul of the organization in managing and developing human capital and urged to take measures to prevent such unethical issues. The one hour session concluded with interaction with the participants on issues like conflict of interest, markings in selection, offences related to omission of functions etc.

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