Case 05/2014- Misuse of power and embezzlement by former Gelephu Drungpa

This case pertains to corruption perpetrated by former Drungpa (Local Administrator) and his Admin Assistant of Dungkhag Administration, Gelephu between 2011 to 2013. The Commission launched this investigation after receiving a compliant and also preliminary report of the Royal Audit Authority. The allegations indicated potential embezzlement of fixed deposit related to Losel Cinema and misuse of powers in relation to several construction activities under his jurisdiction. 

 Investigation established that the Drungpa had engaged in a number of wrongdoings namely embezzlement of fixed deposit maintained in the name of one caretaker fund repatriated from Sikkim amounting to Nu. 10.637 million; sharing of privileged information and abuse of functions in the award of various construction works/projects (Maintenance of Hot-Spring (Tshachu) and Sershong Community Group projectmaintenance and reroofing of Losel cinema and associated buildings, construction of Indo-Bhutan security wall and renovation of crematorium) to certain construction firms owned by his son and his acquaintance. The investigation revealed that under Drungpa’s instruction, his Admin Assistant abetted the commission of several offences involving tampering of documents, passive bribery, embezzlement of rent proceeds from Losel Cinema and influencing witness to provide false testimonies. 

The case was referred to the OAG for prosecution on 9 March 2015 with 23 individuals being charged for engaging and/or aiding and abetting the commission of above corrupt acts. Besides the prosecution, the Commission prayed for restitution of Nu. 19.347 million to the State.

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