January 2022


In keeping up with the current COVID-19 situation in the country, the Anti-Corruption Commission would like to kindly request the general public to refrain from visiting the ACC premise to lodge corruption complaints or follow up on complaints in person. 

Public Notification

To ensure the safety of the public officials in light of the COVID-19 situation, the Anti-Corruption Commission would like to notify the Asset Declaration Administrators(ADAs) and the covered persons (declarants) that services related to Asset Declaration would be continued through remote working/working from home.

Media Conference

The Anti-Corruption Commission led by the Chairperson and Commissioners conducted a “Media Conference” on 06 January, 2022 with the representatives from the media firms. During the Conference, Annual Report 2020-2021 was presented, followed by Question-Answer session.


With the activation of work from home protocol, the Anti-Corruption Commission hereby informs the general public that following contact points have been identified to provide any assistance:
  1. Contact Ugyen Penjor at 17664356.
  2. Contact Tashi Phuntsho / Kezang at 17123412/17123413 to report corruption.