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Integrity and  Anti-Corruption FORESIGHT Report 2019 The future cannot be predicted, but in the face of rapid change and uncertainty,strategic foresight provides valuable methods and tools for engaging with it,developing more robust, adaptive and future-ready visions and strategies by:  Read More
Justice Sector Strategic Plan 2018-2023  As Bhutan’s justice sector grows in size, complexity, and relevance, so too does the need for the sector to develop to meet emerging needs and challenges. With increasing relevance comes the commensurate challenges for justice institutions to: provide more effective and efficient services; improve cross-institutional coordination; and strengthen internal performance and build staff capacity  Read More

Judicial Integrity Scan Report of Bhutan 2015

The Royal Court of Justice initiated this Scan in cooperation with the Bhutan National Legal Institute and the Anti-Corruption Commission. The Scan aims at an overview of the legal and institutional framework for judicial integrity based on the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct, the Measures for the Effective Implementation of the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct,1 and the Implementation Guide and Evaluative Framework for Article 11 [of the United Nations Convention against Corruption – UNCAC].2 The Scan is based on a desk review of laws and reports, and on the views of stakeholders from the Bhutanese justice
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Review on the Ethics and Integrity Infrastructure in Bhutan

The Government of Bhutan has developed a range of integrity instruments to curb corruption and promote integrity among institutions and the public, including code of conduct, conflict of interest disclosure, asset declaration, gift rules, corruption risk management, integrity diagnosis, as well as e-learning courses on ethics and integrity. A key challenge is now to assess their implementation in practice. Read More

Study on Measures to Safeguard the Constitutional Role of the Anti-Corruption Commission of Bhutan
Study on Measures to Safeguard the Constitutional Role of the Anti-Corruption Commission of Bhutan

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Institutional Development Plan 2011-2020

The long-term vision and mission of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) of Bhutan is to work toward a corruption-free society by leading by example, achieving excellence in partnerships, and mainstreaming anti corruption strategies in public and private organizations. To this end, the enforcement of law is important and the ACC actively investigates corruption cases and brings them to court, in addition to conducting prevetive and educational activities.

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Bhutan Capcity Assessment of the Anti-Corruption Commission


This report assesses the Anti-­‐Corruption Commission of Bhutan (ACC) at three different levels of capacity: the enabling environment, the organizational level and the individual level. This capacity assessment was undertaken as part of the wider United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) Gap Analysis which has been initiated by the ACC in order to make the anti-­‐corruption law comprehensive and effective, and as part of the ongoing ratification process (responsibility for which lies with the government).

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