Privacy Policy for Mobile Apps:

The Complaint Reporting and Status Tracking Apps has been developed to encourage timely reporting of corruption in public and private sectors in Bhutan for ensuring integrity, accountability and transparency. The jurisdiction of this app is extended only within Bhutan and the Anti-Corruption Commission of Bhutan (ACC) will cater the complaint management service within the mandate of ACC. False reporting by third parties cannot be strictly verified and therefore, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure sharing correct information. Further, the users are required to refrain from sharing personal information with third parties both at the national or international level which might result in breaching the confidentiality of your information. ACC does not guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted and error free operation of the mobile applications and therefore will not be liable for unavailability, modification or withdrawal of any features, parts, or content of the app at any time.

Privacy policy
The personal information is optional with the users. The personal information submitted to ACC will be validated and confidentiality will be maintained.
When personal information is collected, the ACC might collect further information through telephone to deliver timely and effective services. The following information may be collected; Contact details, email address and/or phone numbers

How is the information used?
The information collected during the registration is to identify issues of corruption in public and private sectors and accordingly apply investigative or preventive measures to curtail incidences of corruption.

Contact us
Contact 02-322987/17123412/17123413 or toll free 1311 for any privacy policy.