Dept. of Investigation carries out the investigative functions of the Commission as per section 25 (1) (f) & (g) of the ACAB 2011 which states:

Section 25 (1) (f):
Receive and consider any complaints of the commission of an offence under this Act lodged with it by a person or authority and investigate such of the complaints as the Commission consider practicable;

Section 25 (1) (g):
Detect and investigate any suspected offence, suspected attempt or suspected conspiracy to commit a corruption offence under Chapter 4 of this Act.
Dept. of Investigation comprises of five Investigation Branches (Investigation Branch I to V) and one General Services. Investigation Branches are based on sectorial thematic importance, and categorized into service areas such as Procurement, Land & Natural Resources, Finance & Business, Human Resource Management & Development, and Social and Political. However, these priority areas are subject to change as other services may emerge as vulnerable area. Each Investigation Branch is manned by one or two experienced investigators with the relevant expertise, knowledge and skills (Subject Matter Expert) in that particular area and rest by general investigators. Further, there shall be adequate flexibility in the sectoral approach so as to be able to mobilize teams from one Investigation Branch to the other according to the demand.

The General Services will also take in the new inductees to the Dept. of Investigation, and provide support services to the Investigation Branches. It is a grooming ground to provide the necessary knowledge, skills, experience and exposure to take up the investigation and related works. Placement in respective Branches take place after either on first promotion or completion of master degree or depending on the performance. The staff pool in the General Services can also be a source of staff recruitment for the TSD and the other two departments as well.

The conduct of investigations is guided by the ACC’s Operation Manual.
Investigation is one of the core functions of the ACC which is aimed at exposing and detering acts of corruption without fear and favor.

Investigation of cases