A tribute to the guardian of integrity: the first Commission of the ACC

From left: Kezang Jamtsho, Commissioner; Dasho Neten Zangmo, Chairperson and Thinlay Wangdi, Commissioner

The members of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), takes this  opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude to the Chairperson and the two Commissioners for their unconditional principled, valiant and unwavering dedicated service in establishing an institution “the ACC” as an epitome of “Honour, Trustworthiness and Valour”  that enjoys greater public trust and confidence. Most importantly, their strategic approaches in fighting corruption always manifested the “Zero tolerance for corruption” as envisioned by all.

This was testified by none other than His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo during His visit to ACC on July 15, 2015, “ACC has achieved Phenomenal Success”.

Dasho Neten Zangmo took over as the Chairperson of the ACC, from its first wobbly infant step of January 4, 2006 to a more confident stride now, from a mere foursome to a big team of eighty two. Dasho Neten Zangmo joined civil service in 1985 as the National Service Trainee and headed various government organizations until her last post as the Foreign Secretary in 2005. During her 30 years of service to the nation, she has been described as ‘the iron lady’ of Bhutan, one who has stalwartly contributed in promoting the values of ethics and integrity in the overall governance system which is integral for Gross National Happiness. She has been truly inspirational to every Bhutanese and most importantly to those aspiring women leaders and youth. Besides building socially, economically and politically synergized approach to curb corruption through public education, prevention and investigation in the country, she has also made significant contributions in promoting the flagship of ACC internationally.

Commissioner Thinlay Wangdi joined as the Commissioner of the ACC in February 2006. He started his career as civil servant as early as the National Service Trainee in 1976 and assumed various post in the Ministry of Education. Before joining the ACC, he worked in the Royal University of Bhutan as the Director of Planning and Resources. During his 39 years of service to the nation, he has contributed intensely in building systems of integrity with strong sense of conviction to make a difference. He has arguably conducted himself without fear and favor in many high profile cases.

Commissioner Kezang Jamtsho joined as the Commissioner of the ACC in September 2007. He started his journey of civil service as the Assistant Engineer under the Ministry of Agriculture in 1989 and handled various projects. During his stay in the ACC, he has contributed comprehensively in embedding ethics and integrity in the public procurement and engineering profession. Further, with his sharp social conscience, unbending will and agile analytical lens set an example for members of the ACC especially in investigative operations.

While bidding farewell to the most ‘thankful guides/mentors: thuenpa puen sum’, one of the senior most official expressed that “You have taught us to be the Nation’s Conscience and we are already on that track. You have not only led by example but also taught us to lead by example, in our own ways we have already started. You asked us to dare, as sign of care. We dared because we cared and we will continue to do so. Under your leadership we have not only learned to be courageous, but to be courageous intelligently”.

Therefore, staff members would like to rededicate our unconditional commitment towards continuing the legacy of building ACC into an incorruptible, credible, impartial, fearless, selfless, effective and a professional institution with a strong vision of building an incorruptible, happy and harmonious society. Further, we heartily congratulate the Chairperson and the two Commissioners for their compassionate leadership and dedicated service to the Tsa-Wa-Sum and wish them and their family very contended life ahead.