System Studies

2016 ACC Systemic Report Trade Customs



Mines and Mineral Management System

Rural Timber Allotment System

Systemic Study for Refundable and Non-Revenue Deposits and Management thereof

Systemic Study for Implementation of HIV/AIDS Program Funded by Global Fund in Royal Bhutan Army

Poractive System Study on Foreign Workers recruitment and Administration System

Letters sent Related to

System Studies in 2009

Draft National Anti-Corruption Strategy Framework submitted for endorsement and Implementation

Civil Service Bill of Bhutan 2009

Enforcement to Civil Service Code of Conduct and Ethics

Rules and Decision Making Protocals

Corruption Prevention Measures in the management of Rural Timber Allotment System


System Improvement in Timely Disbursement of Rural Insurance Claims


MOHCA,Dzongkhag ADM and ACC Coordination of Anti-Corruption Effort

Letter to Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industries

Letter to Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industries

Letter to Royal Civil Service Commission

Enforcement of Rules and Regulation

Political and Electrol Corruption

Measuring and Reducing Administrative Burden, Creating an Enabling Environment and Preventing Corruption

letter to Ministry of Agriculture

letter to Ministry of Finance


Interactive Session organised by ACC with Dzongdags

Making IAUs Meaningful and Effective

Expeditious and Impartial Investigation,Prosecution and Trail

Strengthening of Local Governance

Organization Management

Printing Work

Making Public Service Cleaner,Responsive,Effective Acoountable,Transparent and Efficient(CREATE)

Problem of Quality and Corruption in Construction

Coordination Meeting on System Issues related Corruption

Coordination Meeting on System Issues related Corruption

Tender of Construction and Procurement