Enumerators for Public Road Construction Research

The Anti-Corruption Commission would like to notify the selection results for the temporary recruitment of graduates for the Research on Public Road Construction 2017. A total of 30 candidates were selected based on the degree and class twelve marks that the candidates had secured and the SUPW grade for Class XII (see the attached selection results). Five more candidates were selected against 25 slots proposed to MoLHR because of the complexity, time constraint and scope of the work.

Building an informed citizenry

ACC successfully completed the second round of Gewog Awareness & Advocacy Program in Tsirang Dzongkhag on 19 April 2017. The advocacy program started on 9 April 2017 covered all the Gewogs under the Dzongkhag. A total of 2,677 participants (including 998 students & 20 teachers of Damphu Central School) attended the program. The program was aimed at building an informed citizenry and to garner support in the fight against corruption.

The ACC presented its 10th Annual Report to the Good Governance Committee of the National Council

18th April, 2017: The Anti-Corruption Commission presented its Annual Report for the period January to December 2016 to the Good Governance Committee of the National Council. The presentation was attended by 13 Honorable members, including four members of the Good Governance Committee, Secretary General and the staff of the Secretariat.

The Annual report 2016 is ACC’s 10th report to the Parliament submitted in accordance with Section 169 (1) of the Anti-Corruption Act 2011. The report will be deliberated in the 19th Session of the National Council in May.

Interactive Session with Technical Training Institute, Samthang

ACC had an interactive session with 118 trainees (42 National Certificate level-I trainees, 12 Heavy Vehicle Driving trainees, 64 In-service drivers) and 25 staff of Technical Training Institute, Samthang on 30 March 2017. It was part of the regular guest lecture session of their training programs held for the drivers.
Aimed towards creating anti-corruption awareness, the participants were informed on the importance of their role in the collective fight against corruption in the country. They were also informed on the three pronged strategy namely Investigation, Prevention and Education adopted by ACC to prevent and combat corruption in the country.


Reporting Corruption

Why to report Corruption?
Every citizen is encouraged to report corruption to the ACC responsibly and in the larger national interest.Your identity will be protected with absolute confidentiality.
Download brochure here.

You can report corruption through:
Call us at: +975-2-322987; Fax: 334869; E-mail: complaints@acc.org.bt
Or download complaint reporting form,and send it to us through fax, post or e-mail.                    

Reporting Corruption Online

Help us be more efficient and effective by providing true complaints with specific details. You could also stand as witness and informer.Your identity and liability shall be protected as per the witness protection sections under chapter 7 of the Anti-Corruption Act of Bhutan 2011. Avoid filing vindictive and malicious complaints. A complainant or informer who knowingly gives any false or misleading information with malicious intend shall be guilty of an offence and liable under section 80 of the Anti-Corruption Act of Bhutan 2011.

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