"If You Care, You Will Dare"

3rd round of training on Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery

The recovery of illicit assets and the proceeds of crime is a major element impacting developing countries as well as developed countries with its struggle against money laundering and corruption.

How to Deal with Bribes in the Workplace - Asian Development Bank

"Being offered a bribe is one of the most awkward situations any professional can find himself or herself in. You may politely but firmly decline the offer.

Crime, Corruption, Tax Evasion Drained a Record US$991.2bn in Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Economies in 2012

Global Financial Integrity's 2014 annual global update on illicit financial flows tracks the amount of illegal capital flowing out of 151 different developing and emerging countries over the 10-year period from 2003 through 2012, and it ranks the countries by the volume of illicit outflows.

Using social media to boost ethics and compliance

Organization leaders should take a cue from their employees and spend some time on social media, experts said.

Fifth Statistical Conference

A three days conference themed “Importance of Statistics for Development” was held at Punakha from 9-11 February 2015 organized by the National Statistical Bureau (NSB).

HSBC scandal shows 'dilly dallying' on tax crackdown

But for some watching the lender and its peers, it is a case study of a much wider problem of governments not cracking down with enough urgency on dodged tax, and a useful lesson on the short arm of international law.

Tackling tax evasion - Follow the money

The rich and tax-shy already have fewer places to hide.

Anti-Corruption Assessment of Laws (Corruption Proofing) -Comparative Study and Methodology

Anti-corruption assessment of laws aims at closing entry points for corruption contained in any legislation. For example, a badly regulated procedure for obtaining a building permit can make it easy for public officials to extort bribes from citizens.

Across Asia, sex is a handy form of bribery

Potentially traceable gifts, such as BMWs or cash-stuffed suitcases, can land both the briber and the corrupt official in prison. But influencing officials with sex — a common practice across Asia — produces very little physical evidence.

Stronger measures in pipeline to keep Singapore’s anti-corruption culture alive: PM Lee

Among the Government’s plans: A review of the Prevention of Corruption Act, the establishment of a One-Stop Corruption Reporting Centre and a 20-per-cent increase in the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau’s manpower, says Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loo

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