"If You Care, You Will Dare"


Politicising corruption can do more harm than good

Politics and corruption not only share many things in common, but also have a strong link to one another. They both concern power and evidently have significant impacts on national development and people's well-being.

Asset and Liabilities Declaration (AD) Update

As of 18 May, 2015, there are only 19 non-declarants. 29 have declared within 18 days after the deadline. Nu. 3970/- has been collected as penalty from 7 declarants; rest are yet to pay.

Acquital of Tamil Nadu party head can undermine eradication of corruption in India

`Jayalaltihaa judgment can undermine eradication of corruption'

Suspension Order

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Pacific MPs Need to Champion Anti - Corruption in Sustainable Development Goals

Parliamentarians should ensure that when their national governments and parliaments adopt priority national Sustainable Development Goals and targets after the UN General Assembly in September, that Goal 16 is included along with its anti-corruption relevant targets, GOPAC Oceania Chair John

Businesses have to pay “underground” fees to lubricate government apparatus

VietNamNet Bridge - Eighty-nine percent of foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) say if they do not pay “commissions” to state agency officials, they will meet  with unfortunate action or behavior.

MACC calls on government to revise anti-corruption laws

SHAH ALAM: The government should revise the existing laws related to corruption in a holistic and transparent manner, as a serious step towards addressing unscrupulous activities.

Suspension Order

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ACC Interacts with 15th Batch of Desuungs (Guardian of Peace)

An ACC team led by the Chairperson interacted with the 15th batch of 121 Desuungs on 6th May, 2015.

Integrity and Professionalism in Public Service - Understanding Role of Integrity in Self- management

On 7 May 2015, Commissioner Kezang Jamtsho delivered the talk on Integrity and Professionalism in Public Service - Understanding the Role of Integrity in Self-management at Police Reserve Force Training Center, Royal Bhutan Police, Tashigatshel, Chukha. The talk was delivered to the 2nd batch of staff from the National Land Commission (NLC) Secretariat.

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