‘Meet the Editors’ Meeting held in ACC

A half day meeting with the Media houses in the country was held in ACC on 19 October 2016. The meeting titled ‘Meet the Editors’ was organized by ACC to foster greater partnership and cooperation with the Media in the fight against corruption in the country. 14 representatives from various Media houses attended the meeting. The Bhutan Media Foundation (BMF), given its mandate of promoting free, independent, responsive and credible media, assisted ACC in coordinating the meeting.

The meeting was first of its kind, and provided a platform for both ACC and Media to discuss and share views on how best media can be deployed to fight corruption in the country. The meeting highlighted the critical role of media in exposing corruption and raising general awareness of its detrimental effect upon society, as well as in promoting integrity and accountability norms, values and practices in society.

Expectations from both the parties in information sharing to better inform the general public, clarifications on perceptions among the public, and suggestions for collaboration were also discussed during the meeting.

The meeting ended with both parties reaffirming the need to work closely together to prevent and combat corruption in the country.